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Welcome to Pixel Ink Design Studio, where creativity meets strategic thinking. I'm Magenda Konutse, the visionary behind the brushstrokes and pixels, dedicated to crafting meaningful brand identities and packaging for ethical businesses around the world. Our design approach is informed by a global perspective, ensuring that your brand communicates effectively across borders while maintaining a personal touch that resonates locally.

Shaping brands that not only stand out but also stand for something meaningful.

In a world that's constantly evolving, the power of design to inspire positive change cannot be overstated. At Pixel Ink Design Studio, we believe in the transformative impact of ethical businesses. Our mission is to elevate their stories and values through purposeful design, creating visual narratives that resonate with hearts and minds.

Every brand has a unique story, and we're here to help you tell it. We specialise in creating authentic and compelling brand identities that not only captivate your audience but also reflect the ethos of your business. From logo design to comprehensive brand guidelines, we meticulously craft each element to ensure consistency and impact.

Your vision is our inspiration. We believe in collaborative partnerships, working closely with clients to understand their goals and values. This collaborative spirit ensures that every design solution is a true reflection of your brand essence, forging a lasting connection with your audience.

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Embark on a design journey that transcends aesthetics and embraces purpose.

First call

Our design journey begins with an initial call, where we delve into the heart of your vision. We listen intently, seeking to understand your brand, values, and aspirations. This conversation lays the foundation for a collaborative partnership, allowing us to align our creative expertise with your unique objectives.


Following our initial call, the Discovery phase unfolds. Here, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of your brand landscape. We research your market, analyse competitors, and immerse ourselves in your industry. This enables us to better understand the design solutions needed for your project. The discovery process also involves creating mood boards that define the creative direction.


Armed with insights from the Discovery phase, we transition into the Creation stage. This is where ideas come to life, crafting design solutions that authentically reflect your ethos. We develop design concepts that clearly show how your brand will be experienced at different touch points. We iterate, refine, and collaborate closely with you, ensuring that every design choice aligns seamlessly with your brand narrative.


As we approach the Launch phase, our focus shifts to bringing your brand into the world. Whether it's a new product launch or a new brand identity, we ensure you have all the brand documents, assets and templates needed to launch in style. As a holistic design studio, we offer other complimentary services, such as web design and product photography, to ensure consistency and success.

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